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Synergy TouchStand
Music Kiosk Interface Design

Here is a sampling of the screes for the TouchStand UI Redesign and a sampling of some of our new design work for Synergy Media.

We cleaned up identity and typography, documented the existing Structure (screen by screen affordance and layout analysis) and documented the overall Architecture (screen to screen process flow) into documents which you can link to below.

Our new TouchStand Palette of brighter colors in both opaque and translucent character to support a dimensional, tactile and "internally lit" gel material approach that will allow TouchStand to be more modern and beckoning. While appearing to represent complex surfaces beyond the ken of most Flash animations (generally requiring bitmap reproduction), this color system is engineered to be able to be easily reproduced in the vector domain of Flash.

Creative Team

Creative Director/Producer/Animator: Brooks Cole
Synergy Project Lead: Michael Fitts


Brooks Cole
CEO/Creative Director
(415) 415-663-5486

Design Resources
Click on images to see large versions

TouchStand Palette

TouchStand Identity Update

TouchStand Structure Document (PDF)

TouchStand Architecture Diagram







TouchStand Kiosk UI Design
Click on images to see large versions

TouchMe Matrix Attract

TouchMe Matrix Attract Red Button


Genre Search

Search Keyboard









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