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Barbara Annis & Asssociates
HoloCosmos aligns with the World’s leading Gender Expert to foster Gender Intelligent Organizations.
Transformational Leadership
Envisioning an online mega pulpit for Rev. Michael Beckwith and Agape International Spiritual Center
Seat of the Soul Institute
HoloCosmos propels Seat of the Soul into the digital age with a new online engagement and learning system.
Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” fame is America’s #1 Success teacher, fully brand empowered by HoloCosmos.
Wisdom Films
HoloCosmos collaborates with Gary Malkin on WisdomFilms, interactive media to elevate consciousness.
Architects of a New Dawn
Anat Baniel Method
PBS: The Answer is You
HoloCosmos conjures breakaway Branding for PBS, Michael Beckwith and Agape Media.
Anat Baniel Method
HoloCosmos helps the World’s expert 
in movement therapy, Anat Baniel, deliver her teaching to the Earth.

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