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Our Vision: A Paradigm Shift in Online Learning.

HoloCosmosHoloCosmos is an integral perspective that unites the microcosm, the macrocosm, the infocosm and the mythocosm. It is the integration of all that can be explored and known. Modern information technology has delivered us to its doorstep; our goal is to step across the threshold using new technologies and ideas.

HoloCosmos is the idea that the entire universe of space, time, matter, energy, ideas, feelings, being-- and the information, knowledge and wisdom it contains -- is a unified, navigable landscape available to each of us to be explored with the right "vehicle." That vehicle is guided imaginary genius. Each of us can tap this, but most of us could use a little help... provided perhaps by a "digital flight simulator for the imagination." The web is but an embryo of what is yet to come. The HoloCosmos Team is already fashioning the experience.

At HoloCosmos, we look at the plethora of information available to humans and make compelling experiences out of the chaos. Our guiding principles can be applied to any kind of experience of information including decision support, search engines, websites, electronic curriculum, and computer games. We believe giving people the power to transform chaos into new order is the key to transforming our World.

A Transformational Learning Technology

The ultimate vision of HoloCosmos is to create a paradigm shift in online education that will catalyze personal development and lead learners to continually master their skills. We are developing an innovative technology that combines research-proven methods delivered as challenging exercises and immersive experiences that build situational awareness, critical thinking, practical application, and emotional maturity.

If you are interested in exploring a project development relationship, technology licensing, exchange, codevelopment, comarketing or other partnership with HoloCosmos, please contact:

Brooks Cole
CEO/Creative Director