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Designing the edge of human-computer interaction.

A compelling application of a patented visual navigation technology for our partner HoloGenesis, presenting a holographic navigator for browsing movies and that is spatially navigated.


HoloCosmos is both a gathering and an ideal. The gathering is a team of extraordinary media magicians, all dedicated to the common vision of changing the world through media technology. Together they are the distillation of years of successful experience in media design and interactive technology development.

Because of the power of electronic media to frame the global discussion, it is essential to transform media from a one-way instrument of social control into a two-way diologue which empowers and illuminates individuals and organizations alike. HoloCosmos helps build new forms of interactive media which deliver on this promise.

HoloCosmos the ideal is the "Knowledge Universe" - a manifest destiny of human aspiration, the laying down of a koan, a gauntlet, the challenge that the whole of what is knowable be made visible to everyone.

HoloCosmos the group is dedicated to excellence in creative expression and empowerment of individuals through revolutionary media technology; We pursue both with lifelong commitments to blazing trails into the unfathomable universe of imagination.

The HoloCosmos team provides full-service digital media solutions for established and emerging companies in the technology, media, and education industries. We have assisted numerous businesses in the deployment of commerce, entertainment, and knowledge-sharing solutions.

We help our clients build, grow, and adapt their businesses to rapidly changing environments by integrating forward-looking strategy with beautiful design and innovative technology. Our goal is to consistently help you leverage digital media technologies to empower your organization or community, connecting you with your audiences, your products with your customers, your content with your delivery channels, and your ideas with your distinct messages and identities.

If you are interested in exploring a project development relationship, technology licensing, exchange, codevelopment, comarketing or other partnership with HoloCosmos, please contact:

Brooks Cole

Brooks Cole
CEO/Creative Director