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HoloCosmos Works

HoloCosmos is a seriously fun, seriously talented, diverse group of digital creative professionals. Together, with our partners HoloGenesis and The Universe in You, we are currently developing a breakthrough online transformational learning technology to satisfy the World’s hunger for enlightened leadership.

We are actively assembling world-class experts across the domains of organizational development, organizational psychology, neuro-learning, cultural anthropology, social learning management systems, IT systems and architecture, security and privacy, interaction design, software development, interactive video platforms, game design, branding, and virtual learning technology.

We are always looking for creative individuals with the talent and passion to co-create the HOLO vision. We are currently engaging people for the following teams:

Instructional Design
Instructional Production
Film and Video Production
Animation Production
Game Development
App Development
Social Learning
IT Platform Integration
Producers/Scrum Masters

If you are interested in becoming an advisor, enabling technology partner, collaborator, or a team member, we would love to connect up with you.

Brooks Cole

Brooks Cole
CEO/Creative Director