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QMSE Enabler UI Redesign

Here are the initial concepts for the Enabler UI Redesign. We will be expanding these pages into a larger array of conceptual assets and subsequent final art assets as feedback and approval goes forward.

Design Notes:
The cutting edge of media players today - from Windows Media Player and its custom skins, to iTunes and WinAmp - demands tactile, compelling devices that jump off the screen and yearn to be touched and played with. We feel that Enabler has to look as sexy or more so than existing free players or users will not bother to investigate how more much it can do than established ones.

Thus, we are generally recommending a bolder and more explicity 3D design solution. We have started out a little more dramatic in color and form to establish the edge of the envelope, while attempting to consider usabilty at every step. Of course, we can go in any color or form direction you deem desireable having had these examples to react to.

To this end, we have developed a construction methodolgy, cleaned up identity and typography, developed new icons and adapted old ones, invented some new solutions to old problems (a new kind of volume control affodance for example) and have generally attempted to think through the problems using solutions that will be commercially competitive, developmentally practical, and damn sexy, we hope.

Nevertheless, this just represents our first foray into QMSE territory, and we anticipate that much evolution will be required to make everybody happy.

For the UI Redesign, we have begun to advance a new Enabler Palette of brighter colors in both opaque and translucent character to support a dimensional, tactile and "internally lit" gel material approach that will allow Enabler to be more modern and beckoning. While appearing to represent complex surfaces beyond the ken of most Flash animations (generally requiring bitmap reproduction), this color system is engineered to be able to be easily reproduced in the vector domain of Flash.

Consistent with Mika's desire to limit the time impact of integrating these designs, all of them use more or less the identical footprint of the currently working version of Enabler. This has limited our design options but we feel we have been able to innovate within these limits.


Creative Team

Creative Director/Producer/Animator: Brooks Cole
QMSE Project Lead: Mika Feinberg


Brooks Cole http://www.steinberg.net/ProductPage_sb.asp?Product_ID=2442&Langue_ID=7
CEO/Creative Director
(415) 415-663-5486

Example Designs
Click on images to see large versions

Enabler White/Blue - Main Screen

Enabler White/Blue - Minimized/Albums/Equalizer


Enabler Blue/Black - Main Screen

Blue/Black - Minimized/Albums/Equalizer







Example Designs
Click on images to see large versions

Enabler Green Egg/Black- Main Screen

Enabler Green Egg/Black - Minimized/Albums/Equalizer


Enabler Purple Egg - Main Screen

Purple Egg - Minimized/Albums/Equalizer


Enabler Green Lacquer - Main Screen

Green Lacquer - Minimized/Albums/Equalizer









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