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Stripped Preliminary Design

Here are the approved Stripped Concept Designs for identity, brochure, cards and website for this unique Sensual Dancercise Fitness Center in Minneapolis/St.Paul. We will be expanding these pages into a larger array of conceptual assets and subsequent final art assets as feedback and approval goes forward.

Design Notes:
The cutting edge of fitness clubs today - from large franchises like Curves - demands clean, energetic, compelling branding that jumps off the screen and yearn to be explored. We feel that Stripped has to look as together and as sexy or more so than other clubs in marketing and presentation precisely because of its forward and courageous stance.

But of course, Stripped is far more than a fitness club. It is an unprecedented alchemical amalgam of gym, temple, gathering place, boutique and magical homebase for women seeking to strip away what is holding them back. So the designs call for an element of energy, mystique, eros, calm, and the feeling of ecstacy you get from a vigorous workout or from getting clear.


Creative Team

Creative Director/Producer/Animator: Brooks Cole
Project Leads, Founders:
Nicole Zivalich, Marie Blomquist


Brooks Cole
CEO/Creative Director
(415) 415-663-5486

Example Designs

Brochure Cover



Example Designs
Click on images to see large versions

Brochure Outside

Brochure Inside

Business Card Front

Business Card Front










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