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Jack Canfield - A Full-Spectrum of Branding Projects

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Click on the buttons at left to see four of our favorite creative projects for Jack Canfield and Canfield Training Group


Teacher. Author. Motivator. Speaker. Inspirational Force. Coach. Expert. Businessman.

Jack-Canfield-Corporate-Branding-by-HoloCosmosThese are just a few of the titles that describe Jack Canfield, universally acknowledged as "America's Success Coach."

Known best for his "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series (over 125 million books sold), his leading role in the movie "The Secret" and his bestselling "The Success Principles," Jack has been dedicated to transformational learning. Over 40 years, he has trained millions of people to create the lives they desire and he's a true transformational leader helping other personal growth teachers achieve excellence in their domains.

Jack-Canfield-Expert-Branding-by-HoloCosmosSince 2008, HoloCosmos has been blessed to help Jack and his Canfield Traning Group express his messages and brand identity across many of Jack's events and offerings. Click on these screens to see some of our favorite programs for Jack: His Canfield Training Group Corporate Branding System, a VIP Branding System, event branding for his signature "Breakthrough to Success" yearly event, and for his "Train the Trainer" series.

So, how does a branding agency go about capturing the diverse talents, offerings and essence of Jack Canfield to reflect a unified brand for his personal, corporate, and product identities?

Jack-Canfield-Corporate-Branding-by-HoloCosmosThis was the initial challenge presented to the HoloCosmos team, which demonstrated the tenets of what Jack embodies ─ anything is possible. Through overarching brand strategy and impementation, identity redesign, web and online marketing design, video branding and development, event branding and signage and other disciplines, we initially designed and for several years have implemented and maintained a cohesive and consistent brand that expressed the integrity and authentic nature of this rockstar of the personal growth world that Time Magazine called "The Publishing Phenomenon of the Decade."

Jack-Canfield-Corporate-Branding-by-HoloCosmosHoloCosmos has developed a full range of media for Jack, from identity systems for himself, his organizations and events; print and web assets and graphic standards, video and animation for a variety of purposes both marketing programs and used in those programs, signage and more. In particular, Jack's videos have presented an extraordinary creative opportunity because the people who attend Jack's events are so inspired and effusive after them that their testimonials are the best we've ever seen. We've created a variety of video communications that reflect the heart and soul of this gifted transformational leader.

Jack-Canfield-Corporate-Branding-by-HoloCosmosBrooks Cole has led his team to work with Jack in a variety of roles ─ as a video director, branding expert, technology entrepreneur, and transformational consultant. This collaboration brought significant and positive change across The Canfield Training Group, Train the Trainer program, Breakthrough to Success training, and Jack’s personal brand. In fact, Jack gave us one of the best testimonials you could ask for, which we present below: