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Gary Malkin, Wisdom of the World, WisdomFilms

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Everyone who interacts with WisdomFilms experiences rapture, and connection in a whole new way. HoloCosmos created unique branding, media packaging and titling to help take this initiative over the top. 

View an excerpt from WisdomFilms:
Walk On: A Revelation on the Journey of Life.

Contemplative Media for
Human Being...

Emmy-award-winning composer Gary Malkin is dedicated to catalyzing social change and individual healing. Through Gary's vision of "media alchemy" that combines compassionate spoken messages, powerful soundtracks, and breathtaking imagery, arises a groundbreaking genre of film. Its intention is to engage viewers in self-examination, to find the transcendent place within in order to connect to what matters most.

Healing. Empowering. Connecting...

Gary Malkin

For some years now, Gary Malkin and Brooks Cole have been co-imagining revolutionary new ways to use interactive media to elevate consciousness. So it was a natural for HoloCosmos to help Gary with his latest venture, WisdomFilms™.

WisdomFilms produced a series of these inspirational short films, narrated by transformational leaders like Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Bob Proctor, Thich Nhat Hahn, and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Gary composed and wove his musical scores amidst these spiritual messages and the profound, natural videography of award-winning cinematographer, David Fortney.

HoloCosmos was invited to participate in this extraordinary collaboration. We created titles, branding, and packaging that reflects the creative inspiration behind this new life-enhancing media.

WisdomFilms portfolio

Client Project Lead: Gary Malkin
Creative Director: Brooks Cole

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