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Barbara Annis & Associates, Inc. (BAA)

TAGS: Online Strategy, Web Design/Architecture, Digital Marketing, Branding & Identity

BAA Branding by HoloCosmos

Strength through Difference. Rich, vibrant, innovative organizations that leverage the extraordinary skills of all men and women.

This is the vision of Barbara Annis, a world renowned expert on Gender Intelligence® and Inclusive Leadership. Barbara’s insights and achievements have pioneered a transformational shift in cultural attitudes across Fortune 500 companies and numerous organizations worldwide.

The reality is that men and women communicate, problem-solve, make decisions, and lead differently. Utilizing the science of gender differences, Barbara Annis & Associates have shown how diversity awareness represents a golden opportunity for any organization to unleash people’s different strengths and creativity.

HoloCosmos was engaged to create a unified brand identity Barbara Annis & Associates in that conveys the incredible success of BAA in building gender intelligent organizations and inclusive leaders. Our team also developed contemporary designs for the new Gender Intelligence Institute, print materials, and web design.

For HoloCosmos, empowering female leaders is the best way to transcend the old mindset of diversity and embrace the exciting potential for gender unity in the corporate world. We are inspired by and honored to be working with the top transformational leader on the cutting-edge of Gender Intelligence, Barbara Annis, and her Associates. 



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