H O M E | A B O U T | V I S I O N | W O R K S | T E A M | C O N T A C T

Politics and Advocacy will never be the same. Grasp a mouse and express your voice as a collective body or rise above the thunder of the crowd as a shining light of lucidity. Be the proverbial rainmaker and create storms that downpour nourishing waters of rich information and collaboration. Gather your likeminded weathermakers and change everything.

The non-linear immediacy of the evolving Internet and communications technologies allows for countless new ways to begin a real exploration of democracy. How do we harness these tools? Are we ready for the ride? The power is in the hands of the people if we choose to embrace our freedoms, to activate the tools and capabilities at hand.

Perhaps now is the time our forefathers (and mothers!) envisioned. A time when the pulse of our collective body allied with the clear tones of our individual voices are heard, fully empowered to shape the destiny of the planet in a moment, in the click of a send button. Stand-up and be counted and join your blessed kin. This is the time when the real (R)evolution begins!

Holocosmos has helped shape innovative grass roots solutions for advocacy groups such as the ACLU and New Progressive Coalition, advocacy technology innovators like CivicActions and out-of-the-box leaders like Jerry Brown. We use design and user experience to help build core constituent communities that traverse far beyond traditional geographic boundaries. We help create the vital online space for forums that give equal weight to the individual voice and the power of the collective vote. We are here to usher in the New.