H O M E | A B O U T | V I S I O N | W O R K S | T E A M | C O N T A C T
John Reid

Sustainability reveals the deepest ecstasy, that undeniable interconnection with all that is and will be. As the musical artist Moby says, ‘we are made of stars’ and trillions of atoms in constant movement. Within our lifetime we will share atoms that composed the body of Buddha and Christ, a wise African shaman from Ghana and your Aunt’s beloved poodle. Matter is in constant transformation and flux. It is all a matter of time.

The moment that we pass through the threshold and we know, not just with the conceptual mind but with every vibrant, ecstatic atom of our body that we are indeed connected, deeply connected, it changes the very essence of how we understand relationship: our relationship with other individuals and our daily intention around the use of resources. Indeed it transforms our very relationship to time. The long-view comes into focus.

Become present in the moment. Watch the patterns unfolding into the future. Honor, recognize and experience the paths and decisions of the past that created the Moment Now. The holocosm unfolds …