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In ancient Sanskrit "Lila" means the divine play that creates the worlds, the unfolding delight of the Cosmos.

The spirit of the 21 st century artist soars and vibrantly flowers. Endowed with a deep set of tools and the ability to reach a global audience instantaneously, we are experiencing the birth of Creativity allied with lucid, unfolding consciousness. We are being asked to step up and participate in the great play. The future is ours to shape, create, and if we choose, become full participants in the cosmic unfolding.

Holocosmos specializes in exquisite reification, the showcasing and amplification of the true genius of artists and writers. We create allied media that communicates the power of your offering to the world.

Web Identity and Product Packaging are integral keys in the equation. Holocosmos specializes in creating iconic packaging for book covers, DVDs, and audio books. Our high design, multi-purpose websites integrate and enhance a range of features including publicity, point-of-purchase, and state-of-the-art social networks where fans of the author or artist convene. Our creative team provides highly intuitive technological mastery...with an eye for beauty. Here the essence of each artist is enshrined, enhanced, indeed enchanted for maximum sales impact.