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Barclays Chemical Bank

In a split-second an idea is formed and wellspring of impressions, associations and desires flow forth. With a single glance a decision is made: yes or no. Shall I dive in deeper?

At Holcosmos we create brands that beguile time to stand still. This is branding that lucidly, indeed almost telepathically communicates. We ask and answer the question: What does it take to rise above, to indeed magnetize the crowd?

We listen deeply and are masters at seeing and revealing your story, translating it into branding that resonates across borders. From bestselling artists and authors to America’s top corporations and media entities, Holocosmos enshrines our client’s brands with a compelling je ne sais quoi, the mark of captivating essence.

Holocosmos specializes in the creation of engaging, masterful and integrated crossmedia packages that amplify a brand’s juice and intrinsic cohesiveness. We understand that today’s consumer delights in discovery, adventure and the rarified experience. We also bow to the insight of tradition: the grandfather tree with deep sustaining roots and a wealth of wisdom.

We are here to amplify your vision, to resonate your company’s core values with the powerful language of icon and the innovative potentials of state-of-the-art technology.