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Children-of-the-Sun-Logo-Design-by-HolocosmosChildren of the Sun, a non-profit foundation and operational cornerstone of The Central Sun Centre of Illumination, functions as a global ministry and is comprised of spiritually focused and consciously directed “Ambassadors of Light” serving in the Oneness of all life through Unconditional Love and Divine Equality.

HoloCosmos was the choice to architect, design and build the activation portal, as well as to provide branding and communications design.Children-of-the-Sun-Web-Design-by-Holocosmos

As peacekeepers to Mother Earth, Children of the Sun’s mission is to help awaken as many people as possible to the Law of One, to live and serve in the completeness of Unconditional Love and to come together in harmony as one people, one nation and one family of humanity. Children of the Sun recognizes that every person is a master being of Supreme Love and guiding intelligence. Through its projects, programs and services, the organization empowers people to actualize this Divine Knowing, to come into their Highest Human Potential and to anchor their unified Light on an ascended and free new Earth.





Creative Director/Producer: Brooks Cole
Development Manager/Lead Developer: Mihai Manoliu
Flash Animation/Interactivity: Michael Gaio
Animation: Scott Draves
Website Background Music: Chuck Wild
Activation Music: Jonathon Goldman and Gregg Braden
Sacred Images: Alex and Allyson Grey
Sedona Photographic Imagery: Michael Irvine, Fine Art Photography of Sedona