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GE Real Estate Europe HoloCosmos IntranetHelper™ Helps new employees access IT Resources One of HoloCosmos' specialties is finding innovative ways for information to escape its chains so that people can get it into their brains. Even Giant, well-oiled Businesses like $11B GE Real Estate Europe need help getting mission-critical information to just-hired personnel.

Fortune 500 Companies have extensive Intranets packed full of information that nobody can find when they need it, especially new employees or employees in new roles. Enter HoloCosmos Intranet Helper™ an innovative polylingual Flashbased communicator that gets the right info to the right people, bypassing Intranet roadblocks – like this “One Click from the desktop” ITTools Access we created for GE Real Estate Europe in four languages, set to save thousands of Euros in otherwise lost productivity.

Client: Anthony Ferguson and Ross Keep, GE Real Estate Europe
Creative Director, Programmer: Brooks Cole

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