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True Democracy : Voter Registration Application and Web Community for Restoring Democracy

TAGS: Online Strategy, Web Design/Architecture, Digital Marketing, Branding & Identity, User Interface Design, Digital Media Innovation, Media & Entertainment, Nonprofit, Politics & Advocacy, Rapid Redesign, Drupal+Rails Design

True Democracy is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that encourages citizen participation in American democracy by using (primarily) internet technologies to facilitate voter registration and active involvement in the electoral process. The organization is creating a groundbreaking outreach to unregistered voters, powered by its own platform/application that enables participating celebrities and others to encourage voter registration by making the process appealing, straightforward and effective. The organization also seeks to engage individuals who are already registered or even politically active to easily encourage friends to do so by the use of its “votivator” strategy/tool.

True Democracy selected HoloCosmos to architect, design and build the application site, as well as to provide all branding for the site, advertising, media kits, and other support materials.