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U2 Bursts Out in Broadband A crowd-pleasing combination of our broadband application design and technology, U2 Bursts Out delivered the message that Burst.com's BurstWare online video technology is better than streaming.

View our "Why Burst?" Flash Demo


For over two decades, the band U2 has remained on the leading edge of next-generation media technology. When Burst.com and U2 looked to an outside source to develop tools and design to bring the U2 Popmart broadband video-on-demand (VOD) event, our team's reputation for innovative and advanced intuitive infotech made us the logical choice. We applied our unique online application technology to encapsulate a custom version of the Microsoft Windows Media Player with a new, highly stylized interface to auto deliver nine different levels of compressed video to a wide spectrum of users and bandwidths from 56k to full broadband DSL, Cable Modem and T3.

"Why Burst?" Flash Demo

Creative Director: Brooks Cole
Animators: Cody Harrington,
Jon Bell
Flash Animator: Ken Phipps
Engineers: Brian Etzi, Anthony Kurtz
Art Director: Ed Sultan
Engineering Manager: Christina Drukala