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As seasoned web strategists of invention, Holocosmos monetizes our clients potential through the potent, prudent and innovative use of today’s latest technologies. When Holocosmos provided consultation to clients such as Oracle and MicroSoft in the early 1990s we came in as futurists. In today’s environment we actualize our wealth of experience in such areas as technology and interface design, for the benefit of our clients. We are innovators and bridge builders helping you to optimize your assets and translate your company’s communication tools from ‘old school’ to a 2.0 Web world. We do this by deeply listening to the pulse of your company’s culture.

The future cannot be deduced it has to be induced. Fly above the labyrinth…

In this new online world, the fabric of experience is created dynamically and uniquely for each consumer. The single greatest thing we can do is strategically show the innate patterns of interconnection that gives the consumer fluid tools for self -reflection and connection. It has become less about predicting the market and more about creating the tools that allows the user to shape and create unique experience.