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ConsciouStreams Flash-Based User Interface.

ConsciouStreams is an example of our patented "spatiologic" navigation technique applied to a Macromedia Flash-based interface for a conscious online brand. The concept behind Conscious Streams is that the complete spectrum of consciousness, from the primary world religions to Goddess, Shamanic, Integral, Scientific and Psychological streams, all have validity as unique but comparable perspectives on truth, and also have parallel resources such as books, music, community, travel etc. which when able to be compared using our dynamic, multi-axis animated interface, make full understanding and interaction easier.

Here's a non-linked version of the interface in Flash.

The interface mixes music and sounds on-the-fly from all of the traditions represented, and is a performance art piece for all who use it.

Reel Available

Concept/Creative Direction: Brooks Cole
2D Animators: Jonathan Tracey, Travis Curl
3D Animators: Cody Harrington, Jon Bell
Engineers: Brian Tracey, Ken Topp
Composer, Sound Designer: Shabda Owens
Writer: Sylvia Timbers





All Streams of consciousness flow from the same source, a fact which is inspired in our Flash interface solution for this prototype online conscious superportal. Each pearl in the "Indra's Net" of spirallic conscious streams and circular rings of categories points to a separate but integrally-related resource. The lotuses represent additional profit centers for the portal which sprout when rolled over and present petals which are links unto themselves.

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