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Knowledge Object Architecture proof of concept: Mandagascar.

Several friends in our group were discussing ways to use media technology to improve education - making learning a process of guided discovery, rewarding a student's curiosity with the freedom to learn. We felt that by uniting live digital media types from all over the net around common organizing principles of learning, geospatial and knowledge navigation, and employing the "multimedia rosetta stone" nature of Apple's Quicktime media container, each student or teacher could customize their own dynamic knowledge adventure around any topic, language, grade level, etc. on-the-fly using 3D web interfaces. The "Knowledge Object" idea was born. Manda Jost, a Harvard PhD student returned from Madagascar with hours of DV footage and edited it into bite-sized lessons made accessible from a 3D flyover of Madagascar created by Cody Harrington, who also storyboarded the demo tape.

Reel Available

Knowledge Object Inspiration: Bill Hanson, Apple
Animation Director, Art Director, Videographer, Compositor, Editor: Cody Harrington, Black Coyote
Architecture/Interface/Nav Concept: Brooks Cole
Moonbase and Torus Animation: Jon Bell
Videography/Editing: Manda Jost




How to Make Learning More Fun than Video Games and More Effective than Traditional Teaching Methods?
Our team lays out one future
of dynamic learning technology which combines the 3D navigability of a flight simulator, the flexibility of online media sources, and the richness of DVD video in one tight and compelling form factor.

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