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Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Video and VR Flythrough.

Enlightenment.Com produces the first in a series of CD-Released Interviews: Ken Wilber unravels the mysteries in “Speaking of Everything,” his first-ever audio interview. Ken Wilber, the world’s most widely published philosopher, is famous for his integration of Western psychology, science, and Eastern spirituality. Intended to be the first in a graphically consistent series, HoloCosmos’ integrated package design combines imagery from “all levels” including Hubble cosmographs, microscopy, and the art of visionary artist Alex Grey. “Speaking of Everything” comes on 2 audio CDs and includes an illustrated glossary pamphlet also designed by HoloCosmos.

Creative Direction and Design:
Brooks Cole

“Oversoul“ and “Portrait of Ken Wilber“: Alex Grey

Sondra Barrett, Ph.D.

Project Leads:
Jeramy Hale and Jordan Gruber

We also designed the original Alex Grey Website located at http://alexgrey.com/





HoloCosmos Creates a HolCosmic view of Ken Wilber's "All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines" Taxonomy
This first-of-a-kind audio interview of Ken Wilber was creatively packaged for the folks at Enlightenment.com by HoloCosmos.

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