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Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Web Sites and VR Printers.

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Group (LSG) is the $12 Billion flagship of the company, but was experiencing flat sales growth and loss of market share until we met the challenge of revitalizing the division's web marketing system. We created a family 13 unique websites for new printer introduction featuring PDF literature, digital video user's manuals, and our proprietary Shockwave™- based virtual reality printers which allowed each printer to demo itself and users to virtually assemble and configure them with user-driven animation and navigability. The combined efforts added millions to HP's bottom line in increased sales and marketing cost savings.

High-bandwidth users should see our matrix of screenshots for the HP LaserJet Design System.

Reel Available

Information Architecture, Creative Direction: Brooks Cole
Art Directors: Ed Sultan, Maurice Tani, Travis Curl
Designer: Mirjana Risek
Engineers: Brian Tracey, Mark Watson. J.A. Nelson,
Writer: Ken Stockwell
Producers: Peter Christy, Jodi Hadsell
VR Photographer: John Greenleigh




Our Shockwave VR Product Demos Stole the Show All 13 product sites featured a "Virtual Walkaround" of the product, an interactive online product demo and configuration application, plus online product registration. HP IdeaFinder includes an interactive solution finder that enables users to choose among base printers and configure the selection with HP and third-party solutions. One example, a Virtual Configurator, can be found here.

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