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Kenza Home Media Command CenterUser Interface Design

Lumenati/NetTV designs and markets PC-based, open-architecture, Digital Entertainment Solutions for the consumer and education markets.

“Kenza” is a new home broadband media command center that will allow users to seamlessly navigate TV, video-on-demand (VOD), personal video recorder (PVR), digital photos, digital music, CD, DVD, web, email, and messaging functions in a single “lean-back” TV-Centric user orientation.

Featuring HoloCosmos’ signature user interface design, Kenza combines an unusual and self-teaching user experience, an integrated media approach, and embedded Windows XP-based hardware to arrive at a recipe for viablility. Kenza will become the nervecenter of the fully integrated Media-On-Demand (MOD) digital entertainment center.

UI Designer: Brooks Cole
Lead Engineer:
Bernhard Kotzenberg
Key Engineer: Kosta Corriveau




Kenza Home Media Command Center is a TV-centric MediaOS for controlling the full complement of broadband, optical and other digital media in the home. HoloCosmos took this innovation into the next century with a complete redesign, iconography and control system.

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